When it comes to heavy-duty pick-ups, you want to make sure that your truck can handle it all. That's why the popular Ford Super Duty continues to sell across the Logan area. This is, quite simply, one durable big truck.

The key to the Ford Super Duty's durability is its high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body. This frame gives the Super Duty the toughness that you need to get just about any job done. Plus, this military-grade strength frame will allow this Super Duty to stand the test of time. To ensure that your Super Duty can handle massive payloads, the box has been built with 95% high strength steel. Go ahead and push this Super Duty as much as you need. This truck will be able to handle it.

Discover why the Super Duty is a top seller. Wilson Ford Lincoln invites you to take a test drive today.


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